Married Men Do You Like Your Wives To Dress Slutty In Public?

If you are a married man, do you like your wives to dress slutty in public?

Or decent with no skin display?

Do you think you would have get attracted to your wife back when you two first met if she dressed slutty?

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26 thoughts on “Married Men Do You Like Your Wives To Dress Slutty In Public?

  1. ? says:

    i like my wife to dress sexy but not slutty. it helps her confidence go up some and she looks good!

  2. Greg G says:

    If she’s advertising, she’s selling. Count on it!

  3. Cha CHi says:

    In public around a lot of people…
    because its kind of" showing off to "other" men…
    in private…
    hope this helped

  4. MichFan says:

    Not at all. I am engaged and my fiancee has all the freedom she wants, but I would like her to represent both myself and herself modestly in public.

  5. exputkimies says:


  6. deeviousangel says:

    My husband says he likes me to dress up and look good. but he does not want me showing of parts of my body that are for his eyes only.

  7. oldmarine08 says:

    I like her dress properly and conservatively, a little skin is styling, a lot is slutty! If she was dressed slutty back then we would not have made it this far!

  8. done diddily done says:

    I can wear whatever I want to. It’s not my husband’s body – thus he has no vote…

  9. vtjames7433 says:

    Would be kind of hot if we were on vacation far from home but NEAR here or on a regular basis- more playing a role for fun on vacation

  10. Mama's Little Swimmer says:

    i dress for my hubby as well as for myself. he likes when i dress sexy, and i ask for his opinion if it’s too slutty…he’s never had any problems with my wardrobe. there are occasions that need to be more conservative and occasions where you can have more fashion fun.

  11. Nicole H says:

    who gives a flying flip,
    my husband likes to show me off, and i like dressing every now and then with a little cleavenge.
    just cause your married dont mean you gotta wear sweats and a baggy t-shirt…PLEASE.

  12. C S says:

    My wife has a very good figure and dressed to show it off, but it was never slutty. If she had dressed slutty I would never have been attracted to her. She still has the same body and sense of style and I would marry her all over again.

  13. Just me says:

    My husband likes that for some reason. I can’t figure it out.

  14. dwaynedunaway says:

    i don’t like her to dress slutty but i do like her to dress, revealing, and i encourage it very often.

  15. Cheryl S says:

    I’m not married, but I do live with my boyfriend and he definitely likes to show me off in public dressed like a slut. Fortunately, I like it too!

  16. like2show says:

    I like my wife to dress slutty and show off. I know shes’going home with me, but I like when she get wild and masturbates for everyone to see too. The sluttier the better!

  17. John says:

    I love my wife to dress as slutty as possible! She often does and gets lots of male attention! Sometimes we will enter a place separately a few minutes apart and sit separately. It is fun to watch guys hit on her, buy her drinks, dance and even fondle her some! I get really turned on by it and when we have sex (sometimes we don’t make it out of the parking lot!! ) it is super intense!!!

  18. brettsinclair says:

    Yes i love her to dress as slutty as possible allways short skirts lo or open tops have even been shopping with her in a open shirt no bra short micro skirt and boots she likes the looks from guys i love it too and boy do we get good service in the shops lol.
    Infact the only stupid looks or comments she gets are from other women especially if their bf are looking

  19. Scott Johnson says:

    I love it when my wife dresses sexy and slutty when we travel or go on vacation. She is HOT and men respond to her and make sexual advances and she loves that. I love to watch her flirt, tease and be as sexy as she can around men.

  20. Terry M says:

    Hell yes I exspect my wife of 19 yrs todress as slutty & revealing as the law will allow. Enjoy nothing more than seeing guys at bars , adult bookstores, ect lust filled stares and the rare occassions when everything works out & get to watch her slutty clothes be ripped off and then fucked.

  21. Jenny says:

    That’s a big yes for my hubby,he loves me to be a slut and dress as slutty as possible and to be honest I love it too.Im in my early fifties and have been married for over 25 yrs.Im fortunate to have been blessed with good looks and body 36dd -23- 35 and have always loved to show it off as much as poss.Over the years my husband has encouraged me to show off as much as poss and I love to wear hi heels micro mini skirts very revealing low cut tops or see thru blouses with no bra.

    I rarely wear knickers but if I do they are micro thongs that hardly cover my shaved pussy.

    I also have very prominent nipples that stand out proud and gets a lot of attention and comments from other men.I dress as slutty and revealing as poss all the time when we go out and even at home and enjoy letting my husbands and my sons friends ogle my tits and legs and even a flash of my pussy.When we go out to bars and clubs i always attract a lot of attention from other men and have let them fondle my tits and arse,and on quite a few occasions in clubs whilst dancing with men have been manoeuvred to a dark corner of the club n been fingered.

    My husband also enjoys watching and encourages me to have sex with other men which I also enjoy and do reguarly.We have lived and loved this life style for almost 20 yrs and both enjoy it very much.

  22. Steve says:

    I love for my wife of 35 years to dress like a classy slut. High heels (at least 5 inch heels) stockings with a garter belt, sheer blouses that show off her lacy bras and that shows her nipples and short skirts.

    One time we went out to dinner and she wore a 15 inch skirt, a pair of 5 inch heels with metal heels and a low cut blouse and no bra. We had to wait about 15 minutes for our table to open and you should have seen the looks from the men and the women. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of her! They didn’t know what to look at her gorgeous legs or her nipples poking through the silky material of her blouse! When we were walking to our table I let her go in front of me and this fellow actually dropped his fork on the floor as she walked by so he could get a better view of her legs!! My cock nearly exploded!!! All through dinner the men kept looking at her and I was soooo proud to be out with this fantastic sexy looking woman! And she paid me off in the car in the parking lot!

  23. Steve says:

    Just this past weekend my wife and I had “date night”. She dressed in a sexy slinky black dress that was about midthigh and low cut. She also wore her matching garter belt and bra set that I bought her from Secrets In Lace, a pair of black nylon stockings that have little black dots and a back seam and paired it up with a pair of black patent Pleaser high heels with a 5 inch heel that are steel tipped. She wore false eye lashes and did her eye makeup a little on the heavy side and a lip gloss that has little sparkles in it! She looked smoking HOT!

    As we got out of our car and started walking to the restaurant, 2 men got out of their car and started walking behind us and I would swear that I heard the distinct sound of camera shutter going off and when we came to the front door I saw in the reflection of the glass that one man was putting his cell phone in his pocket and the other guy was looking straight and my wife’s legs! They even held the door open for us! Probably to get another look!

    Later at home as I was fucking her, with her still wearing her stockings and high heels, I told her that those two men were wishing they were me right now fucking you and she said “that was what I was thinking too!”

    So, next date night maybe I’ll have some company!!!

  24. Steve says:

    Well it happened Saturday night!! I had my wife dress up in her sexiest dress, which is red clingy extremely low cut and short (hits at mid thigh) a pair of gold strappy high heels with a 5 3/4 inch heel, no bra and her nipples on full display. She did up her makeup like a porn star and her hair was blonde and full. I took her out dancing at a local club that has live talent. We settled in and had about 3 drinks apiece and she was starting to get a little frisky. This fellow came up to her while I was at the bar getting another round, when I came back he was sitting next to her talking, nothing going on but I could tell the wife was getting a little interested. He asked me if he could dance with her and I said by all means. So they hit the dance floor and after they danced for 3 songs they came back to the table and I saw his hand was on her ass, they sat down and he went to get another round of drinks and my wife leaned over and told me that she could feel is cock rubbing on her while they were dancing! He came back and I told him to dance with her again! And this time I joined them and we had her in sandwich, he was behind her and she was grinding her ass on his cock and I had a hold of her hips and I could she her nipples clearly through her dress and those nips were hard as rocks!! After the song my cock was hard and I know his was hard, so we went outside to get some air. My wife was hanging on to him as I followed. We got outside by our car and lit up a smoke and that’s when my wife reached out and grab his cock and said “I want some of that!” and turned and looked at me and I said go for it! He unzipped his pants and OMG what a dick he had and my wife went down on that pole and sucked him off right in front of me. He lost his load in a matter of 2 minutes and she took every drop except for some she let drip onto her dress!! And then it was my turn, she sucked my rock hard cock and he pulled up her dress and slid her thong panties to one side and fingered her. We both tag team fucking her right there in the parking lot and then went back in danced some more and left! Together!! My dick is still sore!!! Just like her pussy! Now that’s why I love having her dress that way!

  25. Nicu says:

    Hi, i relly love this i like have one gf/wife like you to do like this but this not goin to far, i dont like wen i`m in dresss lady go out home to see me the people or if i got kids that is problem i`m not goin to show them this becouse am man not idiot or gay,about go out in dress woman all cloth etc yes only 1 day in year is on halloween or if one day specialy not even more,i`m not a gay i dont like a man i love and like woman but i like dressing inside home like a woman/girl but not alone,wen i`m in cloth/lengery like lady i love to do sex with my gf/wife and more fany and laught i like to do and joke but out side i`m man and that i respect wath god make me,thanks,if some woman like this becouse am single add me frend on facebook, cya.

  26. Tom says:

    I love my wife to dress like a slut. She has big tits and nice nipples. I love it when she wears no underwear and a short skirt. Love more to happen. She appears to love the attention. She says she s open for more? Not sure what that means?

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