I finally got back together with my boyfriend after 3 month long break
he had let his ex wife and ex gf get in the way
they both are hysterical demanding women but older than him and rich and powerful
he got mad at me when i was upset over him being late or canceling dates because of reasons ot do with them.

he was very hurt when i asked for a break.
since then he did a lot to be my friends and we dated again (no sex)
i know that tomorrow he is moving into a hous ein the same town as his ex . he said its to be closer to his son (but he has his son 50-60 % of th etime already)
he sold the house that he currently lived in and gave 50% to his ex wife as ordered by the court.
he also added her onto facebook
no problem but then i noticed he blocked me from seeing or posting on his wall (i can still see links/status updates)
and on top of that deleted my photo comments about his son and also my older comments on his status.

i confronted him and he said its to avoid drama.

finally i noticed he is developing a webpage for his ex sister in law who is a popular interior designer.

he and i had a very nice normal conversation last friday night
i had one bad piece of news to tell him though.
one of my roommates who suddenly left my house had been getting tons of mail from IRS ….
finally an open piece of mail came to me weeks ago.
turns out she hasn’t paid a small maount of taxes in 1993 and 2003 and theyve been adding in penalties and looking for her ever since.

well oddly 1 week ago the irs also also contacted me. i didnt work in 2007 (taking care of dying parent and renovating m house)
and i was kind of freaked out.
so i tol dmy boyfriend about it.
he said to calm down and that it isnt abig deal and that heck he once had a lien on his house from IRS for 90000 ( !!!)

so we talked some more and he said for me to not stress and that he had just seen the new movie julie and julia with his son.
he said i should cook for him again soon sinc eim so good at it.

and thats IT !
i called him and texted him sunday and nothing
The last i ever heard from him was nearly 7 days ago.
is he fine ?
yes he has updated his twitter all week
he is on facebook and aim as i type this question.
he updated his facebook to say he is proud th emovies he is producing are getting a lot of attention.
and speaking of twitter i uploaded ne pics of myself yesterday to my facebook.
on his twitter he made fun of people who take photos of themselves and called them vain friendless loosers (losers- spelling isnt his strong suit)

he is suddenly bitter and hateful of me ?

should i just delete him off everything and never speak to him again ?

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