I don’t need any comments on here telling me anything nasty. I’ve heard it all before and I don’t need anyone to call me names or tell me about my lack of morals. TRUST ME I KNOW. I have been in a relationship with a married man for about 6 months. Well I never intended to stay with him and have tried many times to end the relationship. Well anyways he is married to his wife of 10 yrs and we have discussed that he will never leave her. This I know and am ok with. They have a 2 yr old son and she is currently pregnant again. Well recently we found out that I am also expecting. At first he threatened me with suicide and after I lectured him about maturity and responsibility he came the realization that this is OUR problem and not just mine. He jokes about the baby having more of his genes and talks about how he hopes it’s a girl and everything. Well we recently ended out "relationship" sexually a couple weeks ago since he wants to try and be faithful. This I respect, I am not the first girl he cheated with but I can be the last. Well anyways we still talk on the phone and he tries to get sexual on the phone which always ends up in us having a sexual encounter. I need to leave him alone and move on and find a better man. He is 10 yrs my senior and married…I want to not love him anymore but it is hard. I’m having his baby and I don’t know what that is going to do to his life except ruin it. I need to find a way to stop wanting and needing him. WHAT DO I DO?

I was hanging out with a cute single successful guy that was totally into me, but all I was doing was thinking about my baby daddy and wishing he was there. I even paid someone money to take me to the next state to see him for two days! I have gone on two trips with him, one lasting as long as 18 days! I need help! I have to stop my obsession…what do I do??? Go to therapy? Listing all the things about him that are bad doesn’t help…I feel bad because if I feel the way I do about him, I can’t imagine how his wife feels and I don’t want to take him from her. PLEASE HELP WITH ANY POSITIVE ADVICE!!!

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