Okay, so I have this amazing boyfriend he’s cute,funny,sweet,and a bunch of other great stuff. He makes me feel special like I’m important and he says and does the cutest things but he has another girlfriend!

I knew when i got into this relationship he would probably cheat because he was one of my good friends and he told me everything and he had a girlfriend at our school and during that relationship he had another girlfriend the entire time but she broke up with him and the one that went to our school had to move to Peru.

I know I’m stupid for going out with him but I couldn’t help it i thought maybe I would be different that I would change him and make him not cheat and since he didn’t have another girlfriend when he asked me out i said yes because I’ve had feelings for him for a long time like a really long time.

He makes me feel so good about myself and he gives me butterflies. I always want to be with him.When we’re together its like nothing else is important.

But a few days ago his ex girlfriend texted me and was like guess what me and “him” are going back out and so i texted him and he told me they were so I was like okay and we’re still going out and he still calls me baby. I don’t know what to do though because I love him so much and it seems like I cant break up with him because even the thought of not being with him is killing me but so is him having another girlfriend.

He never sees his other girlfriend though because she lives in a different town and he can never go over there so its not like I have to worry about her being like at school or something its just the fact that he has another girlfriend is making me wonder if he even cares about me.

Please tell me what I should do!!

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