My boyfriend uses crystal meth how do i get him to stop using it?

I don’t know how to stop my b/f from 5 years to stop using crystal meth. He use to do it 2 years ago and now is seriously bad he uses it almost everyday , i don’t smoke or drink or use any kind of drug and he’s use of drugs make him like as if he was another person( not abusive )but in a way that he don’t care about life or nothing else but Crystal meth ,And i love him but this is getting between us i just want him back !!!plz i need some advice fast.

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41 thoughts on “My boyfriend uses crystal meth how do i get him to stop using it?

  1. megan a says:

    sorry but you NOT getting him off it
    you need to tell him its you or the meth
    which i sure he will tell you he picks you but
    the addiction will over take him
    im sorry but you need to do whats best for you let him go
    you dont wanna have kids with a man who is addicted to drugs
    dont put a child through that kind of pain
    so before you get in any deeper break it off with him

  2. Corey B says:

    wow boyfriend of the year

  3. cathee90 says:


  4. Nick K says:

    rehab honey
    it’s the only way to kick it

  5. mshbadger says:

    try some yourself stop being such a stick-in-the-mud

  6. pmay says:

    I didn’t even read the question, you get out of the relationship right away. Seriously.

  7. speedkilla says:

    umm havent you seen the commercials. he cant stop meth is about the most addictive drug on the plannet. get him admitted and leave him, its prob the best thing you can do. you need to think about how this is effecting you.

  8. One dollar and NINE CENTS!!!!! says:

    Call the cops.

  9. Txchick says:

    you find a new boyfriend. He has problems and if he doesn’t want to help himself you are never going to change him. It stinks, but maybe one day when he cleans up or is dead he’ll realize what he lost.

  10. Misty says:

    if he does meth, u shouldn’t even be involved with him! its very dangerous! if he does it now, and u tell him to stop, he might say he did but hide it. i wouldn dump him, if he does it now, he’ll do it later

  11. mr pickle says:

    Drop him off at a clinic and walk away.

  12. Gypsy Girl says:

    You can’t make him do anything. The best thing for you to do is to walk away from him and don’t look back. He is obviously choosing the drugs over you.

  13. Robbie W. says:

    Leave him now.

  14. fedexman says:

    take it all and shove it up his ass and leave meth is for faggots

  15. randall_nd says:

    If you have any friends that are also nurses, get them to help you get him into rehab. Meth is an addiction and the problem won’t go away without intervention. The sooner , the better.

  16. Adam G says:

    I will give you some true to heart advice and you need to follow it FAST! Leave him… he will never stop using it. Good luck and i hope you don’t have children together.

  17. dlocay says:

    don’t try to stop him tell him its the meth or you he has to lose , if he continues he will only bring negativity into your life

  18. sexii says:


  19. Kayla B says:

    tell him that you are going to break up with him if he doesnt stop. my boyfriend was doing some stupid stuff, but i told him that and he stopped. try that even if you arent going to break up with him

  20. April C says:

    You could make him go to rehab, but if I were you, I would just leave him already. Crystal Meth is some strong stuff, it is very very addictive

  21. Wesley D says:

    I dont mean to sound like a douche but have you considered getting a new boyfriend. Honestly i have no idea how to get someone to stop using meth just i guess talk to him and tell him that you love him and you are sincerly concerned for his health thats really all that you can do for someone in that situation.

  22. mikhaila says:

    i’m sorry girl but you after you ask a doctor how to make him stop and discuss a way (with out him – try to force him later) you dump him.
    chances are that stuff isn’t letting him be who he is.

    besides you can do better.

  23. mookiedoo702 says:

    Only thing you can do is offer some tough love. The more supportive ur the more you will be enabling his habit. ; – (

  24. jen says:


  25. Sweet Luvv says:
  26. Gina B says:

    Intervention and Rehab

  27. emkay says:

    leave him, it will only get worse. it will literallydestroy your relationship and affect your life as well. which it sshouldn’t it’s his problem and not yours.

  28. honey marlyne says:

    what triggers him to use meth? There’s no easy way to stop him for using that thing. If you really love him put him on rehabilitation center now before it’s too late

  29. TheQ says:

    this is a hard drug to kick…u have to be strong and say to him "meth or me" see what he says, if he doesnt say ne thing look into his eyes and u decide.

  30. austin k says:

    Just make him aware of the problem. If he is aware of the problem, he is probably trying to stop. Drugs are addictive, and you cant quit so quickly. Drugs are incredibly bad, worse then smoking because it is much easier to get addicted and have a serious case. Drug abuse is a big threat, it should be only handled by doctors and professionals. He will get in big trouble if he is caught with it, so if you want him to stay safe, just talk to your doctor or even your parents. Just tell him that Crystal Methamphetamine is a very dangerous drug, and you really love him and don’t want him to be addicted and you miss the old him .^^

  31. Kimmy says:

    this is bigger than u u need 2 tell ppl and fid a pro who will hav a better chance of getting through 2 him, u may luv each other but drugs mess ppl up so don’t judge him just try 2 b there even if that means tough luv. and DO NOT try it no matter what!!!!

  32. mister tbaggin u says:

    get with him sober, take him to some place or even that has nothing to do with drinking, or partying, like a zoo, museum or something, then talk to him. about everything. let him know that its important for him to stop it with his addiction if he wants to continue his life with you. this might lead to him hiding it from you, but you can always tell when a person is tweakin. good luck and hmm… send him to rehab if he doesn’t listen to you

  33. TommyTom says:

    I wish this wouldn’t sound negative, but the truth is the whole circumstance is negative. I used for 10 years and the only thing that made me stop was my own desire. Girlfriends came and went, and some tried to stop me. Great girls that to this day I could shed a tear for, for all they’d done and how solidly good they were. You can temporarily stop him by calling the police, but what good does that do? he’ll go to jail and hate you. I’m sorry but you need to break up with him and if he quits on his own , then you take him back if you even want to at that point. you might be better without him

  34. Ryan D says:

    Crystal meth is a powerful drug that is not easy to quit. There are many ways he could quit. He could try cold turkey, going to rehab, there is one way to quit that is expensive: you get admitted to a hospital and they induce you into a coma for 2 weeks so he wont suffer from the detox symptoms and once he’s clean they wake him up and he can start a new life. Rehab would be the first step, but he has to want to quit if you want it to work. You cant make him quit. Try an intervention to break the ice.

    Also if this is your boyfriend i would get myself tested for std’s hiv and hepatitis. Depending on if he shoots up meth he could have something and not know about it and pass it to you.

  35. Joe G says:

    I’m not sure, Get him into rehab or something fast. If you don’t, he won’t be around much longer. Meth kills people pretty quick. I’m pretty open to recreational drug use, but meth is scary stuff. If he doesn’t want to stop, things might be tricky to work out..
    Good luck and Godspeed.

  36. Rubyskumfuk says:

    Wowww this subject is very difficult
    From personal expirience with people who use, I would say he is gone for.
    Any one who uses meth , ends up that way, very negative about life, and only care about meth.
    He will half to get help to stop, it is highly addictive, Not only that
    But to convince him he needs help will be the impossible part, and i highly doubt he will stop using.
    He will need to go through rehab, counseling, and deal with withdrawls
    The only way for him to possibly quit would be if he were in jail
    Its sad man,and i know it sucks.
    But i know many ppl who use.
    They dont choose to quit because they cant.
    they thrive off of it, they live off of it.

    Good luck with this

  37. ... says:

    I would say dump him, but it sounds like you really like him. He needs check into rehab

  38. SLN says:

    i no what your going threw im going threw it now ive been with my boyfriend for 11 years i just found out about his addiction.I dont no how to help him ethier every time i do i get “you should try it before u knock it ” or its my fault i dont want to see him happy .He says very hateful things that i havent exsprince from him before.The bad thing about all of this about 9 years ago i was addected to opiets so i went and got help im on methadone {the worse thing ive ever done} now im addicted to that and i want off. ive been sober since the day i walked in the mehadone clinc except being addicted to the methadone and my boyfriend throws it im face says i can use so can he.or im two faced about drugs .what i cant get threw to him i dont want on this crap im scared to just quit cold turkey and every time i go down my body feals like i have double the flu. i dont no what im going to do yet w/my boyfriend because i love him with all my heart.i want to help but i dont no if im strong enogh i feal bad for all you all going threw this and i hope you have someone you can talk to i dont and it hard take care of your self thats whats imporatant and dont let him bring you down.

  39. sabrina says:

    Help him out if u love him, don’t let him fall take him to rehab
    But he needs to want to help himself too.

  40. melly says:

    I know wht u are going throw my bf of 3 years is smoking ice every day and he is slowing going crazying people can tell u to leave but its not that easy my thoughts get him help call the cat team and go form there

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