Me and my boyfriend have been together since i was 16 we were each others first love..when i was 18 i got pregnant with his kid and had an abortion which i regret a lot and against now! after that i got bad into partying and took a break from my boyfriend for 6 months and then i found out he had a girlfriend and i wanted him he broke up with her and he told me a few weeks later she was pregnant but its more likely her ex boyfriends cause she cheated on him behind his back.

She called my boyfriend one day and said we did a DNA test its her boyfriends not we were excited until one day i saw her ‘MySpace’ and pictures of the baby when she was about 1 and she looked identical to my boyfriend!

Then last April when the baby turned 2 she wrote him and said call her asap. she said that they had lied all along and it was his..he started going to see the kid and giving her money.  Then one day she said before you come you have to pay me 0 what you owe me to come see her..they got into it and she said Trey will always be her daddy you don’t need to be in her life or know shit about her! and he hasn’t heard from her since..

She wont let him see her at all now..and whats weird is when he asked for a DNA test she said no your going to waste your money i know its yours. Anyway I’m 15 weeks with my boyfriends baby now and everyday i think about how he got another girl pregnant and how they had unprotected sex so careless! he says he never did anything in there! there was a close call one time but that’s it! its hurting our relationship he gets mad when i talk about it. what do i do to get over this? we’ve been together for 6 years now besides that 6 months. and its so hard!

I just want to be happy again..sometimes i feel like just leaving him because although he didn’t mean to he hurt me so bad!!

I just want it to be us and our baby that’s it..

What do i do?

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