“How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back: She May Not Mean To Break Up” Its true that women can be dramatic and say or do things that they really dont mean. Many break ups are initiated by women, but oftentimes they are just being a drama queen and they dont really intend to break up.

However, if you react to a break up badly, you may lose your girlfriend forever. So, first of all, to get ex girlfriend back, give her some space and dont call her. Give her a chance to learn what life without you is really like. She may not like staying in on a Saturday night. This also lets her know that you can live without her. Then she knows she must decide whether she wants you, because you are prepared to move on.

This is an important tactic for the how to get ex girlfriend back strategy, because you may actually be desperate to make up with her. Still, you must appear to be detached. Dont make any dramatic gestures. Dont send flowers. Dont send a long love letter.

And, dont stand under her window and sing! If she hasnt called you after about week, email her and casually ask how things are going. Keep things unemotional, as if you just want to stay friends.

If this isnt enough, about once a week you can send her a text message, write on her Facebook wall, or call her. Occasionally show up some place where she hangs out. But dont bug her and be sure to talk with other people. Remember the important dates in her life. Always send a card or small gift on her birthday. Drop her a

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