How do I go about getting my car back from my ex boyfriend?

I got a truck about a year ago, my ex-boyfriend drives it more than I do because it is stick shift and I am not comfortable driving it.

We broke up and I have given him about a month to find a loan company to help him buy off the truck from me.

He has offered to pay the car insurance and car note but I don’t want to indefinitely be receiving money for a truck I do not drive that is not at my address.

I think that after a month this should be enough time to find out if he can get a loan or not. My family thinks I should just take the truck from him as he could run off out of state with the truck or crash the car.

Is it in this economy possible to get a loan for a truck for about ,500 on really bad credit 300-400 from a loan company. My family is saying that if my ex-boyfriend really wanted to get a loan he would have got one by now and he just stringing me along.

I am trying to be fair and give him time to get a loan to buy the truck from me as he needs it for work and his other car does not reverse. I have given him the options to either get his other car fixed or buy my truck off me…so far nothing has happened.

If he is not able to get a loan this month i will ask for my car back, how do I do this without any drama. What is the safest and best way to do this.


The truck has a lien so I do not have the title

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30 thoughts on “How do I go about getting my car back from my ex boyfriend?

  1. Serene E says:

    He probably can’t get a loan right now.

    The best way – meet him in a grocery store parking lot, somewhere public. If he doens’t, go to where the car is and drive it away. If you have to you can bring the title, go to his house, call the police and show them the title is yours.

  2. Detcoproit says:

    Call him up and tell him he has X amount of days to return the truck in the condition it is currently in, no exception. If he refuses, call the police and have the truck reported as taken w/o owners permission or failure to return.

  3. Random says:

    I think you have gone past the "Without Drama" time. You could ask nicely, like invite him over to chat, and take the keys. You might mention offhandedly something about calling the police to report it stolen. The best would be, if you have your own set of keys, just go grab it.

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  5. chase says:

    you better report that to the police. its not good even if that is your ex boyfriend. but the issue is about your car. i know you concerned about your car. what if your ex boyfriend will be running off you and your family and bring your car. you can claim it anymore. its better you will report that for it is still early.

  6. Suzi says:

    It is very funny post as well as interesting also for those person who are suffering from this situation.If the vehicle is in your name only – then you should be able to report it stolen and tell them you and he broke up and he took off with your can try appologising, but if you both constantly prevoke each other your relationship probably won’t work.

  7. Martynas says:

    This really depends on how the break up went between the couple

  8. Carl says:

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  9. april says:

    its better to report it in the police…
    you must trust our police..i know your car will be back if you will give or ask a help at the police.

  10. summer says:

    o my god. same shit happened to me. my mother was so so kind to do my ex boyfriend, fiance, baby daddy….a car loan. he said we really needed a truck, he had never had anything nice, we were gonna be together forever, we were so happy, he never loved anything more than me kind of drama. needless to say….he will not give it back. loan is in my mothers name only, he has ruined her credit by not making payments, begging him to drive the 45 min drive to where my baby and I live, have begged him for a year or more to give it back.

    He has blatenly ignored every plea and now I am just pissed. I want it back but want to know if I have the right.

    He got insurance on his own because our insurance agent refused to insure him because he had such a horrible driving record. He got it registered it in his and my mothers name. he has not even spoken to my mother in over a year. he thinks that if he misses five car payments but half catches up just so the bank won’t come looking for it everything should be ok. the bank calls nonstop and we get letters from the bank constantly. what do i do?

  11. TG says:

    This is my very first time i visit right here. I discovered so many interesting stuff in your blog especially your article and its discussion. From the tons of comments on your content articles, I guess I’m not the only one having all the enjoyment here! maintain up the good work.

    I recommend to you go to police or say to another friends those who know your ex-boyfriend.

  12. Adelaide says:

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  13. Jennifer says:

    I’d report it stolen, especially if it’s on your name.

  14. Liz says:

    Hi, I have this same situation going and I demanded a car back. The title, registration and insurance are all in my name. My ex boyfriend told me to “kiss my a**” I called Detroit police for help and told them the whole situation and they told me I have to go to court to get the car back because it’s a “civil matter” I did file an unauthorized report where I live, but nothing is being done about it. By the time I get the car back it could be destroyed, as he aready threatened to pour sugar in the gas tank of it. He could easily call me up and tell me someone stole it for all I know.

    Sorry Detroitcop,but Detroit police won’t do a darn thing for this matter.

  15. Jiya says:

    If your car is in your name, you can report it stolen.

  16. Liz says:

    Jiya, The police will NOT make a stolen vehicle report, because of the fact that the person had permission to use it in the past. Regardless of the fact that I have demanded the car back. According to the police, the only thing I can do is file a demand for posession in small claims court. In the mean time the ex bf can damage the car, take off what ever parts he wants and destroy it. Yet, I still have to insure it because the car and registration are in my name. Also, if he drives drunk and hits someone (he had a DUI on record), I’m still responsible for a car that I want back and the driver who’s a drunk. This whole system is effed up.

  17. Gina says:

    I am in the same effed up situation but my vehicle is in both of our names but he doesn’t even have a job to pay for it! I don’t even know where the car is right now. The same thing with the Phoenix Police, it is a civil court matter.

  18. Dave says:

    Sue him if you can’t reason with him. You could stop paying for it but then it will be on your record.

  19. Joabs State says:

    Jour Boy-friend is mean..
    You must find new boy, more stronger and with gun :)))
    he help ya with this problem.. he-he0) joking:)
    hope you all right…
    Joabs State´s last blog post ..Gap Year for Grown-Ups

  20. baseball bats says:

    Nice to hear that we can get our boyfriend back…
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  21. Myrell says:

    The main solution for that problem is 3 C’s : Confrontation, Conversation and Communication. If it ends nothing, maybe you both are lacking understanding to one another. Have a peaceful talk. :D

  22. dane says:

    I really think that you should go talk to him for the second time around and remind him about the choices you gave him. Hear what he has to say regarding the matter. If you really think that you gave him enough time to return your truck back then ask him when will be the estimated date that he’ll be returning your truck.

  23. Archer says:

    Why do people always want their ex back? Stay away from them, be with someone that wants you and make your ex jealous, then you get the last laugh.

  24. August says:

    have you ever tried getting it back from him?

    talk to him so that you can fix thing out.

  25. Mac says:

    Just ask for it back. If he cooperates then all will be fine, but if he insist on not giving it back, then call the police.
    Mac´s last blog post ..Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

  26. Kate says:

    Your parents are correct. Your ex should have been able to find a way to get a car by now. And if he cannot, then he likely needs to experience some tough times instead of letting you soak up the difficulties he has created in his life.

    He ought to be working and getting his life together enough to have a car, not depend on an ex girlfriend to support him.

    He needs to put on his big boy pants and grow up. You are not responsible to take care of him.

  27. paul says:

    if you can prove your car belongs to you, a reasonable locksmith would happily change the locks on your car. but it can be expensive and timeconsuming to do all the locks.

  28. Alex says:

    What if you contact your insurance company and explain them the situation and tell that it is quite possible that your ex can do some kind of damage to the truck and then they ( insurance company) will have to pay for its repair.

    What kind of solution can them propose ? Wish you luck !
    Alex´s last blog post ..11 red roses and balloon I love you delivered in Kiev, Ukraine

  29. kevin says:

    my situation is similar. I bought the car, but my sneaky dirtbag ex managed to register it in her name. so according to the bank I own it outright, I had the lein released to me, I got a copy of the loan agreement I go to the RMV they say sorry we cant help you. I can’t even get the title to a car I own because she registered it to herself as the owner!! Stupid Massachusetts!!!!! any thoughts short of a court battle?

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