The video ‘American Drug War – The Last White Hope’ questions this – Watch it if you can. I think it is up on google videos, but you can buy the dvd from – Its worth it.

The governments only reason to ban these drugs is to make money and have control over their people. The biggest supporters of the War On Drugs campaign are the cigarette and alcohol companies.
They have taken away the ability for people to legally carry out their own traditional rituals that have been practiced for centuries.
And with so many non-violent, recreational drug offenders in jail…
Why isn’t this seen as wrong?
Yes I do support the legalization of soft and natural drugs…
Look at places like the Netherlands. Their government tolerates drugs and their people have not created synthetic, easy to make drugs that KILL people. Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms both have no records of being the direct cause of death. Like alcohol, they can make people do some crazy stuff, but they do not ‘ruin’ lives in retrospect. Like alcohol, if you do it too much, it’ll turn you into an ass – but it’s legal… so why not shrooms and weed too?
People would not go onto ‘harder’ drugs, because there are drugs already available to them.
Netherlands is an example of that.
Ryu, get educated. LOL :P (I’m being a dick, you seem cool =])
Everyone is talking about taxing these drugs… shouldn’t we be more concerned about the people and kids who get themselves into the wrong drugs for the wrong reasons? The drugs that actually do do harm? And what about all those pot heads in jail.?.. young and innocent, the only crime they’ve done was smoke a few joints, grown some green in their back yards.

I don’t think it’s right.

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