My Wife Does Not Love Me Anymore“It’s been approximately 4 months now since my wife has told me she doesn’t love me. We don’t fight and get along fine. We have 2 boys in their teens.

She will not get intimate with me and says she must be “in love” in order to have sex. She is not pursuing another relationship, she got a new job that pays more then mine so she is comfortable if I were to leave.

We have 18yrs invested in our marriage. I’ve said some very hurtful things and took our marriage for granted but I’ve committed to make changes in myself and it feels like I’m making progress in our marriage but it’s still lacking intimacy.

I plan on asking her to at least try on becoming intimate (even if we don’t go all the way) with me.

My question is. If she is not willing to try and become intimate should I give up or keep trying. As far as I know she is happy with the current arrangement.

PS. I am seriously considering paying a hooker to relieve my sexual tension to get me through this rough time. any thoughts?

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