Dua & Getting back your love!?

I wanted to ask if anyone of you, ever made dua to get your lost love back … and did it get answered??

Also I would be grateful if you could make dua for me, I have an intention of marriage, not timepass .. thank you

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10 thoughts on “Dua & Getting back your love!?

  1. huma khan says:

    Is there any dua or wazeefa. i really like this guy but we have stopped taking to each other. is there any wazeefa i can read for him to marry me and love me again i really want to marry him. I want him to love and care for me the way he used to.

  2. fiaza akhtar says:

    hi is there any dua that i can win back my love again..i have bin with him since 4 years now.he wont even talk with me now..always tries to avoid me..i love him so much..how can i get him to love and care for me again like before..i cant live with out him.,he dont love me but i love him so much..please help me…

  3. faried j says:

    I’ve been with this girl for four years,and she always asked me to marry her,abd when i spoke to her dad she changed her mind! she now has somebody else but it’s more complicated then just forgetting and moving on she is also muslim and she was four moonths pregnant and she went for a abortion!!! so it is really hard for me to move on without her we are not together for roughly a month or so,is there any advice on what to do or a dua,that would bring us back together?

  4. neha says:

    m loving a guy who is shia n m sunni but i don,t have any problem but our family please try to help me or else i will die i bugging eveyone dua karna aap ehsaan khabi nahi bhulungi……

  5. razia says:

    I m vry much tensed plz help me out by giving som wazifa or dua 2 brng my love bk in my life.Plzz.

  6. Saba says:

    I m in a serious relation with someone and wish to marry him but his mom is trying him to get marry a girl ofher choice, so is there any dua to make that boy marry me and not the girl of him mom choice.

  7. Tasneem says:

    plz suggest any dua to get my ex love back.I want him plz

  8. jaffer sheriff says:

    i want my lover roopa back

  9. Joohi says:

    we should not ask 4 the thing which is abide in islam I mean to say which is haram in Islam rather than we should ask to Allah (SWT) to bestow us the partner who really love, care.Even marriages are made in heaven I know it is very difficult to 4get somebody to whom me spend time but always remember these thing love etc before marriage is haram. I really know a lot of people who is not happy after marriage. Even we think it is very bad it should not happen but Allah (swt ) who is the knower of seen and unseen ,who knows what is going in our heart and what is best for us.

  10. Assalamu Alaikum..this is Mehdi Hossain Abeer here… My lover’s Name is Tania Islam Tania.. We are from Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are very happy with each other to more then 3 years.. but in 23rd February, 2014..She has a doubt on me…and she leaves me… My friend and and my cousin was do the trick. I tried all to get back her..but she could not come.. I am in very dangerous and very sorrowful situation…pls I beg to you..give her back to me…I will marry her at 2015..I promise this and never leave her alone

    Sincerely yours
    Mehdi Hossain abeer
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

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