After breakup,does a guy ever regret of breaking up and wanting to go back and patch up????

After breakup,does a guy ever regret of breaking up and wanting to go back and patch up, do some guys patch up after break ups?

1)If No,what would be their avoidance signs and behavior and talking style?

2)If Yes,what would be their signs of behavior,talks and moves to do the initiative to patch up?

3)If Yes,how would one know its happening?

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17 thoughts on “After breakup,does a guy ever regret of breaking up and wanting to go back and patch up????

  1. ppunkxsskater says:

    yes well he’ll just no somehow

  2. noise says:

    Sure guys regret it just as much as much as girls do, but don’t waste your time. Been there done that, forget him and move on. In my experience, it is a lot like cheating. Once you do it, it becomes easier and easier to do again. If he broke up with you once, he’ll do it again. There are tons of guys out there, don’t waste your time and go find someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him.

  3. Mr. Chivalry says:

    Mr. Chivalry says, "A gentleman will realize the error of his ways, ans work to get his lady back. He will call ridiculously."

    Mr. Chivalry has spoken.

  4. Mary C says:

    I’m sure it happens to both guys and girls, regretting a breakup. I would imagine the signs would be the same in both casses, like calling a lot, or finding a way to be where the other person is, maybe discussing special things between you, and of course ultimately telling the other you miss them. This would open the door for the other one to say they felt the same (if that was true).

  5. Beejee says:


  6. Alan J says:

    He’ll call when he gets horny and thinks he may have a chance with you.

  7. pussykat#1 says:

    yeah he will know just by the way he feels about himself

  8. brownsuger says:

    you might be waiting forever for him to realise he has made a mistake. my ex came back after a year and said to me to tell my current boyfriend that he is back to take what’s his. can you imagine. move on girl life is too short. ps its not easy to move on but it can happen

  9. transplanted says:

    he may talk nice to you but its because he dont want to huert you ,but….you should be able to tell if he’s avoiding you and not answering the phone etc. ,if he wants you he’ll treat you really good, dinner, flowers etc. if he just wants s## then he’ll call you in the middle of the night for a booty call and you wont hear from him again till he wants some .

  10. Prakash B says:

    No. The only time a guy would go back to a girl that he just broke up with is to get some if he knows it would be a long time before he going to get it again. If he breaks up with you then there really is no coming back unless its for sex.

  11. sphinx says:

    Yes, of course. at least my exes did. its quite obnoxious actually. they make non stop phone calls all hrs of day & night, drive past ur house, check up on u, wanting 2 be super friendly, ask alot of questions bout people u hang with, send other people 2 spy on u. almost like stalking. well, maybe that was just mine. I dated alot crazies!! if not, then they will just avoid u or start dating some1 else or act like nothin happened. just my experience tho.

  12. DreamCatcher says:

    1 ) Look you over up and down, observing , talking style hard to say every guy is different.

    2) They will try you out better then before moves in swiftly and apologies that is his fault. Sometimes the guys have another else where but be careful that you don’t fall for it .

    3) Guys and girls always regret of breaking up its hard you get over it….Take your time for a new start give yourself space to recharge your battery.

    But if you don’t fit after a while with each other then it was not meant forever, they may come for a day 2 and pass you by with a Hi & Bye, some are just a ” Crush” they are silent friends forever this is another way of loving a ”Crush” . You never know when that comes, when it does you know it

  13. Jeff says:

    you think too much, everybody is different, i could tell you one thing and it may not necessarily apply to the guy who you’re refering to, if there is one, but there’s not some big secret to women that men will never understand nor is there some big secret to men that women will never understand, we’re all pretty much the same, there’s people in each gender that are gonna confuse the hell out of you, and then there’s some that will be pretty obvious, it’s what makes the world go round, but to answer your question yes, but it’s usually not a very good idea to get back together, if it didnt work the first time odds are that it wont work the second, and there are way too many other people oout there to keep giving losers second chances because you hope that they have made some amazing change, because odds are they haven’t and the only reason they’re coming back is because their last relationship didnt work out and they feel like they have to be with someone so they go for someone who they think is vulnerable

  14. Serene says:

    No. Unless its for sex.

  15. lissarellacollier says:

    some do

  16. helin says:

    i have just ended my relationship with someone but now i am thinking have i made the right decision we have been together 7 moths but ever since no fone calls or text hardly any it was just me texting or foning.

  17. My ex broke up with me he said it had nothing to do with me I was his best relationship and gf.. It’s issues he has with himself & he also said his feelings changed overtime… He said he thought about us getting back together if it was meant to be, said I could call him anytime I wanted and asked how I would feel if he texted me sometime ? I told him I had no idea that was our last conversation we had which was. Almost 2 months ago now.. I decided I needed to go into no contact for myself & if he changed his mind he would reach out to me.. I was kinda waiting for a final goodbye from him to conclude us being done in my mind but he has not reached out. I have seen him out twice since the breakup more then 2 months ago first time he was very friendly and hugged me second time we werent in close distance and kind of ignored each other I was with a group of people and he kept looking over my friends told me.. Not sure what that means I think he is somewhat surprised I am not doing anything because I was so invested in the relationship but I am now bitter because he told me when this happened he was thinking about breaking up for a month or so and I never knew… My plan was to never contact him because he did this and I think the ball is in his court ?

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