When my ex met me, he knew he wanted a gf and worked very hard to get me. I was "selfish" and very content w. being single and was cautious of being in a relationship but through time, came to find that he was loyal and the long term type who cared and respected me very much. He loved that i was not like other girls. I’m the "good girl" and completely different than all his exes who were "high maintinence" and b*tchy. He loved how i was confident, independent, smart, knew who i was and what I wanted in life, educated and will graduate soon and into a career, classy, mannered, and funny. I also loved being intimate w him and loyally to him :) I’m not too bad to look at either (his friends thought i was pretty) and right away, introduced me to all his friends, family and they liked me (they were grateful he found a good girl like me). I was a good girlfriend – we both have busy schedules and I NEVER chased him at all but did nice things for him now and then. I never held him back if he wanted time w. his car, video games, or friends – always gave him space and freedom. I always respected him, appreciated him for who he was and what he did to me but if there was ever a time i felt disrespected I stood my ground. I never nagged or criticized him at all.

Within the last few weeks my intuition told me something was off and no matter how much I talked w. him, he assured me everything was fine and how much he wanted to be with me. He was still affectionate and consistent in calling me but felt he wasn’t "there". He wasn’t giving me the sincere respect and attention I deserved. And now, he broke up w. me b/c of his indecisiveness, immaturity, insecurity, and infatuation. I was nothing but infatuation for him. He wants to be alone, no gf, no work, no spark, doesn’t wanna try…how can you not try if having a good girl and all that is here? I don’t wanna get married anytime soon, I’m not pressuring him to be "super serious", i just want a loyal, committed bf. And if there is no other "3rd party", then he didn’t even wanna try w. me? Being on the inside, i never knew (or cared so much) for people’s reactions. Apparently, our mutual friends thought it was "strange" that the "princess was dating the bum" and how "she’s seems to be too mature for him" but were happy he finally "had a princess". And fr. what people say, he still doesn’t know who he is or what he really wants; very immature and can’t think for himself and is easily influenced by his friends. We’re nearing our mid 20′s and i’m more mature than most girls my age (anyway) and he seems to be content w. his friends who have no ambition in life (and possible influenced him tht he’s always w. me, getting jealous but little did they know..). His best friend thinks he’s "stupid" for letting go of a "good catch" like me and that i’ll be the "best girl he’ll ever get". What’s confusing was tht I know he still cared – still consistent w. hugs, kisses, cuddles, taking care of me and phone calls but was distracted. Also, i’m VERY different than all his exes. Will he regret this?

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