So my ex and i dated for 5 and a half months and our 6 month would be on the night of prom. one day there was allot of drama going on between our group of friends and he wasnt even involved but he broke up with me. and basically for no reason. he was the type of guy who was always telling me how much he loved me and pictureing a life together and getting married one day he got me a promise ring after 3 months of dateing. i had always felt kinda weired about alll that stuff till just a couple months ago when i actually started to feel really close to him and his family. but then out of nowhere he dumped me. then lately ive seeen him out and about with this girl who has always been his "best friend". but she was my friend too and now their hooking up and together? but she already has a boyfriend so shes just a big liar. but he had already asked me to prom before he dumped me and i already had a dress and all that prom stuff so i think he was just still wanting to go cuz he feels bad. what do i do? i want him back so bad! any tips on what to do and if i should even go to prom with him?

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