Yeah, her and I broke up about a week ago. It was something where, shes been holding some feelings whenever she was hurt, deep inside, and then one argument and misunderstanding on the phone last week, she explodes and then says she has had enough! I feel horrible on my part, since i didn’t do a good job to keep my cool instead of having a silly argument on the phone that got outta hand. it was so bad that she said things like ‘our love has past’ and ‘maybe it was never meant to be’. yet, before that incident, she would always shower me with compliments like ‘no matter the downs and lows, i will forever choose to be in your arms’ and ‘i am forever yours my love’. im so confused. one minute, she loves me and all, the next, its like a whole different person. and like i said, its been about a week already since we broke up, and she hasn’t shown signs of getting back yet, do i have a chance?

-we’ve been together for 1 and 1/2 years
-shes 19, im 18
-yeah, we had our ups and downs but mostly it was all good
-this is our 2nd breakup (the first one was last year in september. couple days later we got back together)
-she initiated both breakups
-looking at this breakup, i realize we lacked communication and trust, something i really wish to fix if i had the chance…

but somehow, like deep down, something is telling me that she still cares, but, i dunno…

i wrote her a poem, maybe if i show that to her and do nice things, she’ll love me again? i dont wanna sound desperate and needy, but c’mon, how do you love somebody one moment (like they’re everything to you), then one incident later its like they completely change their feelings of you? :(

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