I want some good idea’s on how to get revenge on my boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost 2 years. I recently found out that he’s been seeing his ex behind my back. I could write a story with the details but I wont. Basically his ex got all pally with me, i’m a nice person so when she added me on facebook i spoke to her.. She asked me meet up with her one day after work so I did as we both worked close.. I offered her advice when she was having a hard time with her family etc. And all the time she was having sex with my boyfriend behind my back! Now I know about it she’s very open with the details rubbing it in..
I know they’re both as bad as each other.. I’m still with him, he promised me he’d change but I’m not stupid, I know he won’t. He changed his number and she "somehow" got hold of it again, she clams she’s still seeing him, which wouldn’t supise me. I just don’t want to be the only one looking like a fool in all this..
I’m acting like the perfect girlfriend again now, listening to everything he says… But i’m doing this becase I want my revenge. If i just break up with him.. That will be it, I’ll feel like a total loser and would have probably sat around feeling sorry for myself. It’s been about 4 month since I found out and I really want my revenge now.
All idea’s welcome, but like I told my best friend, I want it to be something thats hurts him (not physically) yes, he drives a nice car so I could scratch it, throw paint on it.. But that’s hardly going to get them both back for what they’ve done, besides I dont think it would even bother him!
Any idea’s you have would be appreciated! I’m thinking of something where I’m all nice then BANG :)

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