I’m meeting a mutual friend to get my stuff back, which he just got from my ex boyfriend. My ex broke up with me one and a half months ago and has been rather angry, although sometimes when has has called he has been sounding sad and told me that he misses me and likes me still.

Since the break-up it has been really hard for me, I have been struggling with an illness and I’m not really well yet. However, this illness has nothing to do with my ex and he knows that. Three times he has, on his own initiative, promised to call a certain time but failed to do that. He has told me that we could meet for lunch but then not called me back about it. I am very hurt about this.

The mutual friend is my ex:s best friend. He will ask me about how things are. What should I say to him? My ex still refuses to give me closure, it seems, but I would like to meet my ex and talk about what happened between us. How can I make that happen?

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After breakup,does a guy ever regret of breaking up and wanting to go back and patch up, do some guys patch up after break ups?

1)If No,what would be their avoidance signs and behavior and talking style?

2)If Yes,what would be their signs of behavior,talks and moves to do the initiative to patch up?

3)If Yes,how would one know its happening?

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I hate that I’m still in love with him. And that he only wants to be friends. He says he’s in love with me but he doesn’t want to be committed right now. He’s working two jobs, 75 hours a week. (One I helped him get and happen to work in the same building different department). He says he can’t give me the attention I need as his girlfriend. So be his friend or nothing at all. Ok, so I still want him in my life so I agree to being friends…Then he’ll say something else like "if you’re a good girl for the next month you’ll really love your birthday gift, but u know you like to go out to parties and clubs so we’ll see" (my b-day is late sept). This behavior from him is like he doesn’t want me, but he gets jealous when I try to get over him. Sooo I complained in the past about us not talking on the phone anymore, him not texting me as much and us not seeing one another. He called more the first couple days, he’s been texting me everyday, but he still hasn’t made any initiative to spend time together. When we’re together it always laughs, jokes, hugs, kisses…etc. I told him we’re not having sex anymore because its not worth it. Making a mockery of what we had. His claim is he doesn’t want to do anything with anyone else, so if he’s going to have sex he wants it to be with me. Yea, right. I want a relationship. And he’s not ready right now. I’m trying to move on…but nothing is happening. I haven’t met anyone that can even measure to him. I find myself still thinking about him all the time. He cares enough to text me each day. But I feel like purposely not trying to love me again. He wont allow it to happen. He doesn’t want to talk about us- what we had or what may be. He’s just like show me you’re there for me without it being about you and take one day at a time….I’m trying to look past him. Because I get the sense he loves me but he’s confused about being with me or wanting someone else. So how can I meet someone else when he keeps pulling me back in?
I just want to be happy. When we were together he made me happy. He says he doesn’t like to talk to me on the phone as much because I bring up old negative things. He says why can’t I say things like I know you’re working hard? When I try to contact him and he doesn’t respond back it makes me feel like he’s giving attention to someone else. The same attention he used to give to me. So when he does contact me, I get upset that its taken so long. My school year is about to start next week. I just want to start fresh and new. But I’m still in love with him….I want to meet someone new!

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