What Can I Say To Him To Turn Him On?

Are you able to recall what it felt like when you first fell in love with each other, especially how easily you were able to turn him on? According to Relationship expert James Bauer this tremendous state of emotions does necessarily not have to stop.

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How To Become The Light of His Life

Here’s what it feels like to a man when he first falls in love with a woman.  He feels happy.  His happiness flows naturally from expectations of something wonderful in his future.  He feels more connected with the world, even when she’s not around.

His mind is compartmentalized, so he sometimes gets so engrossed in his work that he is literally surprised by the joyful emotions that erupt for a few seconds each time something reminds him of you during the course of his work day.

Tips To Turn My Husband OnIf he continues down this road, the euphoria of love makes him start to adore everything about you.

The edges of your lips, your neckline, the tone of your voice, everything about you starts to seem perfect and magical.  He begins to fantasize about kissing you before his boss snaps him out of it in the middle of a meeting.

This all sounds pretty close to what you would expect so far, right?  Well, what happens next may seem a little odd.

All those positive feelings build into a desire to become your lover.  What that means to a man is very different than what it means to a woman.

In his quest to become your lover, a man’s feelings will shift toward a desire to impress you.  That sounds nice, right?  Well, it can be nice, or not, depending on how you respond to him.

You see, men have a soft spot underneath the hard emotional exterior.  We may act tough, stubborn, angry, or macho on the outside, but all that is really serving a softer emotional need.  Men cannot thrive in a deep passionate type of relationship unless they feel they have a woman’s admiration and respect.

If your man thinks you like him, but he feels you do not really admire him, the “in love” feelings will quickly fade and often extinguish completely like the wick of a candle that has been snuffed out.

If you snuff out the fire from the wick of a candle, it’s out.   You can warm up to him all you want, but he will feel cold and only respond by blowing little wisps of smoke into your face from the extinguished flame.  Many women have felt this.  Some women have been through it more than once in a marriage.

Men desire admiration in a way that women would find hard to believe.  Testosterone is, as you know, the male sex hormone.  When it is active, he feels manly and alive.  He feels happy.

Did you know a man’s testosterone is affected by the way people treat him? It’s true.  If you put a man in a position where he is treated like the low man on the totem pole, his testosterone will drop.

After a group of men are thrown together, there is a sorting-out period when a “pecking order” is established.  No one talks about it.  It just happens.  If you watched a video tape of interactions among men after about five days, you would be able to tell who was more of the alpha-male at the top end, and who the people were lower on the pecking order.

Words That Turn Him OnIf you measured each person’s testosterone before and after grouping them together, those at the bottom would experience a drop in testosterone while those toward the top would experience an increase.

Why does this matter?  Because men will lose interest in anyone that accidentally tromps on their ego.  And there are all kinds of ways this happens without you meaning to do it!

The feeling can come from something as simple as the tone of voice you use when offering a compliment!

Does your man dream about you in his future?  Are you the light of your man’s life?   If not, the Respect Principle may have something to do with it.

Check out the free presentation I put together to explain this vital relationship principle.

Here’s How To Turn Him On…

It could make all the difference in the relationship you share with your man.

Wishing you the best in love and life,

James Bauer

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Here’s my story. We’ve been in this relationship for 3 years and 7 months. I’m 21, she’s 20. I had many girlfriends before her but she was the one, she however had none before me.

It took about 4 months to realize how much I loved her. I respected her, and her wishes, so it took 1 year to get intimate BUT without the actual intercourse, and ANOTHER year and 3 months to have intercourse. So after 2 years and 3 months we finally made love.

I can’t really say i regret waiting that long because I really loved her and said to myself it’s better to wait than to lose her. I can say I’ve always respected her, bought her flowers, never cheated on her, not even close to cheating. Now we’re both in college, live together and I’m not 100% sure she still loves me anymore.

We have sex probably 1 time a week, and even then she’s not in the mood, or her head hurts, or some other thing. All she wants to do these days is go out with me, go to the club with me, but all that we had between us, all the kissing and making love is long gone.

I feel more like a best-friend rather than a boyfriend. I’m sure I made some mistakes along the way, I think I might have assured her too much that I’d always be there no matter what, I did a lot of things that she wanted me to do, but I really didn’t care as long as we were happy.

I just remembered for our 2 year anniversary we bought rings with our initials inscripted in them, and now when she doesn’t wear it on her finger because, she told me that people at her university thought she was married , and she was embarrassed.

This didn’t upset me in any way, until I remembered that I went to college 1 year before she did, we we’re really separated that first year, and not only did I stay faithful, I wore the ring every day because it reminded me of her. I didn’t care what my colleagues said, I laughed and said I’m a married man.

And now here I am, I don’t have a clue what could I do now. I tried everything, she just doesn’t seem interested in me anymore, just wants to go shopping together, or see a movie, and when we go home, sleep and study. I don’t want to break up with her, but right now I’m really headed in that direction. Help me.

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I knew a girl 2 years ago, met her through school, got her msn. We talked on webcam more or less everynight until 1 lol. The year , we was both shy, we could talk for hours over msn, but say nothing in person :( .

Then came the second year, we started truth and dare questions on msn, I got good results, yet still did not follow them. She said if she was alone with me for 7 minutes, she would cuddle with me, she asked me back, I said the same , and also kiss you if you let me. She said she wouldnt mind sleeping with me at all, and kissing me as I was her closest friend ever.

Now, when I had the confidence to tell her I liked her, it was too late, we asked each other on dates previously, but couldnt attend either due to personal complications :(

She seemed dead interested in me, always on msn, asking me to the cinema, park etc. But when I told her, she said she wouldnt want to risk a relationship with me as you are my best friend. Skip to the end of high school, school prom. I still liked her, and flirted with her, brushing past her etc, just letting her know I liked her still, then on the way home on the coach, she texted me saying meet me after everyone has gone, although I couldnt as my parents were already there. I was 99% sure she wanted to kiss me, but I messed it all up. Anyway, I had to be with her , I couldnt let her go.

So I took the same course as her ( i also like this course as it helps me in the future also ) , first 3 weeks great, but after then she drifted away from me, not speaking much anymore, not around my house, I felt annoyed by this, asked her not to forget about me etc, we got into a MEGA argument and fell out BADLY. We didnt talk for 7 weeks, and we saw each other EVERYDAY! That was torture, plus other lads were flirting with her and I couldnt take it anymore. But today, it was the last day before Christmas, I wanted to talk to her again, I asked her something, expecting a Wow you decide to talk to me now?

But no, in her soft voice which she only used when speaking to me, she answered me, also i asked her if she had gotten a card/present from anyone at college, she said no. So I gave her one, she said you didn’t have to, I said its only a card :) . Plus I gave her a present earlier.

I THINK i did the right thing, I started conversation again, her body language for the past 3 weeks showed she still liked me, and when I talked, she didnt bite my head off, but was sweet :O

What should I do now? I want to get back with her – BOYFRIEND or Friend again.

Start flirting again? Talking to her more ?

Please help – I thought I did well getting her something when no one else did :)

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I have had sex about four times with my girlfriend, but we felt so guilty after it that we have decided to abstain until marriage. We’re not doing anything except kissing until marriage. I have asked God’s forgiveness, but I still feel guilty.

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If Your Partner Kisses Your Back

If your partner kisses your back, does that get you hotter, colder, or really no change at all?

Just curious. I happen to be one who likes to kiss all over my partner’s body, but I know some aren’t into it.

How do you feel about your partner kissing your back, or is it more a gender thing (most Women like it, most Men don’t)?

Thanks for adding to my sampling.

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